Eman Ali Al-Abdullah’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Eman Ali Al-Abdullah is a visual artist from Kuwait, taught herself how to draw, developed herself, and then refined her talent through individual workshops. She feels free in what she paints, and her works include all schools, according to what her feeling at the moment dictates, and then she supports her painting with texts that serve both the heart and the mental feeling.
Perhaps what distinguishes her is that she does not stop at a specific material, as she uses oil and acrylic colours, inks and watercolours, burns on wood, and creates the art of macrame and mandalas.
She uses the mixed media method, the one-stroke drawing, acrylic pouring, lettering, etc.
She does not hesitate to learn and try new arts, and loves diversifying art and mixing arts.
Eman conducts workshops to help the community discover their talents and hone their expertise.
She participated in several local exhibitions.
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You can reach Eman through:
: @emantulip_art