Sumaya Abu Suleiman’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Sumaya Abdel Wahab Abu Suleiman is a fine artist from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, with experience in the field of education and training. She’s a certified trainer from the Russian Academy of Flower making.
She began her journey with art in middle school by practicing various artistic works, such as embroidery and handicrafts, then focused on drawing at the end of high school, followed by the university stage.
Her family has great credit for consolidating her love for different fine arts, as each of them is distinguished by a different style, in addition to some of her friends.
Her skills developed through continuous practice in various arts and then refined in her own unique style. In 2020, she was trained by an Emirati female trainer in forming flowers with plaster, and then obtained an accredited training certificate from the art innovator, the Russian artist (Evgenia).
Her works are dominated by realism and sometimes surrealism, but her art is distinguished by combining the arts in a distinctive way and embodying the elements.
She held many exhibitions at the Ministry of Education, and also held workshops and training courses for teachers.
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