Latifa Al-Amira’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Latifa Al-Amira is a fine artist from Kuwait, who’s an artist by nature. She had passion for art since childhood. She’s a self-taught artist who refined her talent through many individual attempts, then enrolled in many courses on drawing and crafts, besides courses in Diwani calligraphy, then obtained a became a certified trainer in arts and crafts, a diploma in fine arts, art therapy and a certificate in analyzing paintings by adults and children.
She won the first place in a simulation of a painting by the Saudi artist, Mr. Saleh Al-Naqidan.
Latifa Al-Amira prefers realistic and influential style, and her art is characterized by a diverse style of optimism, joy, and the preservation of Kuwaiti heritage, traditions, and customs through her paintings.
She participated in many local and international exhibitions, including: the Kuwait Exhibition in the heart of Cairo, in Egypt, also the Ibrahim Al-Shatti Heritage Exhibition in Kuwait, the heritage Exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Al-Aqsa Flood Exhibition in Kuwait.
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Instagram: rosallina_1