Eman Shaker’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Eman Shaker Al-Hassan is a Bahraini architect and a fine artist. She was born in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. She spent her childhood in the city of London. Her talent as an artist was clearly discovered by her teachers and family, so she participated in competitions at school, winning first places in drawing and colouring in particular.
It is noteworthy that Eman Shaker holds a consultant degree from the Saudi Council of Engineers in architectural engineering. Her studies enhanced her talent as a painter, and she took several courses in fine arts, using oil paint and other mediums from different countries.
She leans to fine arts in its schools, with its colours, features and details. She finds richness and fertile ideas in it, and moves between the realistic, the abstract, and the impressionistic. To come up with a style that belongs to modern art and combine Arabic Calligraphy into balanced and cheerful compositions.
The city of Alexandria was an important point in her artistic career, where she refined her talent and learned art according to its origins, at the hands of professors and academics. There she studied oil painting and Arabic calligraphy.
She showed interest in various topics, as she had experiences with social and humanitarian topics and about women as well. Then she returned to abstract art with its colours at times, and Arabian Gulf art is also distinguished by its horses and Calligraphy at times, and presented it with simplicity and difference.”
The Bahraini artistEman Shaker has made progress at every step of her quest. To have her distinctive mark through her special art style, and invite every girl and woman to enter the battlefield of life, continue and progress.
Eman excelled in the works that she displayed in her various exhibitions, where she was able to gain the admiration of critics and those interested in the visual arts with her paintings.
You can reach Eman through:
Instagram: emans.space
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