Hanan Al-Mutairi’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Hanan Al-Mutairi is a visual artist, from Kuwait, and has passion for art since childhood. She discovered her talent at the age of 15. She developed her skills through YouTube videos. She started developing her skills in 2017, to achieve her dreams and ambitions as a fine artist.
She has also developed her skills by exploring the works of other artists through social media, and she received great encouragement from them, from her family and the Arab community.
The nature of Hanan Al-Mutairi’s works is characterized by feelings and imagination.
Hanan participated in many exhibitions, including: Exhibition of the Conference on Sustainability of Education for Refugees in Affected Countries, 8/7/2023.
“African Queen” was inspired by Fantasy Contest, 2023.
Spanish International Eye Art Exhibition, Miradas International Contest, 2023.
Edited by: @feryalisshaq

You can reach Hanan through:
Instagram: @byartist6x