Sarah Ayman’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Sarah Ayman, a visual artist and graphic designer, born in Saudi Arabia, started drawing in 2019. She did not study art, but she is a talent since childhood.
Her family supported her, as she was from a family that loved art
At first, she didn’t care much about developing her talent for drawing because she didn’t have time because of her job as a graphic designer.
In her free time, she always drew, and her favorite hobby was drawing realistic portraits with charcoal tools. After that, she decided to try new materials, so she started painting with acrylic and oil colors, as well as wood colors.
Her skills developed with practice and visual feeding, and she started participating in competitions with her friends.
She started looking for exhibitions to participate in, so she became a member of (Hawy Platform) and joined the (Riyadh Al Fan) Club for Visual Arts. It was a nice addition to her, as she got to know many artists and began to learn a lot from them.
And she began to participate with them in exhibitions, and her first exhibition was the exhibition (Feather of an Artist). She received a certificate of thanks from the National Development Association, after which she participated in many exhibitions and obtained many certificates of appreciation.
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You can reach Sarah through:
Instagram: sarah_art188