Bayan Barboud’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Bayan Ahmed Barboud is a fine artist from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Taif, a realistic portrait painter using charcoal, a trainer with an accredited training certificate, won the third place in the Kingdom for the year 2022, in an academic competition (MBC) for talents, owner of the (BAYAN-ART) store).
She started in 2015, mastering portraiture in an advanced way, and she had the passion to follow many foreign and Arab artists in the field of drawing portraits with charcoal, such as the artist (Turki Al-Othman).
After graduating from university in 2015, she had enough time to develop her skills in art, so she started watching realistic painters’ channels on YouTube and also on Instagram, and from there she started trying to imitate them, then she started drawing on her own using the grid method in order to master the proportions of the face, and with time she began to master even the shading with continuity, she was able to reach this level and aspire to reach a higher level.
Bayan leans to the realism school as well as surrealism. Bayan says: “The depth of the topic and what it contains, are often what I focus on when I choose my work, so that it carries a meaning or a message that reaches the viewer. I often tend to choose (deep feelings) in my paintings”.
She participated in many local and international exhibitions, including:
Taif season.
The Taif Rose Festival.
Exhibition (Unfinished Painting) in Jeddah.
The golden brush exhibition “2” in Turkey.
– Exhibition of the Arab Lighthouse Forum (2-3) in Jordan.
Arab Touches Exhibition in Egypt.
– Saudi National Day event 91 “King Fahd Air Base” in Taif.
Aknan Gallery in Riyadh.
You can reach Bayan through:
Instagram: bno_artist
TIkTok: bno_artist
WhatsApp: 0542954644
Snap: bno_artist
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