Salma Al-Baluchi’s participation in the Arabian Brush Exhibition in Moscow

Salma Al-Baluchi participated in the (Arabian Brush) exhibition in the (Future of Art) hall in Moscow, Russia. Under the patronage of the Eurasian Union in Russia, and in cooperation with Arab 22 for fine arts and electronic documentation.
Salma Mohammed Al Baluchi is a fine artist from the Sultanate of Oman, a graduate of civil engineering.
She started drawing from a young age. She used to enjoy art classes, and this is what prompted her to continue and delve deeper into this field.
She developed her skills by continuing to practice on an almost daily basis and to participate in special drawing workshops.
She leans to classic realistic art, because she likes to highlight the small and accurate details in her paintings and challenges herself to produce paintings that are close to real images, because it has a great challenge in extracting and mixing colours.
Her art is characterized by conveying feelings from reality to a commemorative painting with soft details that touch the heart of the viewer.
She participated in many local and international exhibitions.
Edited by: @feryalisshaq