Fadilah Eyadah’s participation in the Arabian Brush Exhibition in Moscow

Fadilah Eyadah participated in the (Arabian Brush) exhibition in the (Future of Art) hall in Moscow, Russia. Under the patronage of the Eurasian Union in Russia, and in cooperation with Arab 22 for fine arts and electronic documentation.
Fadilah Eyadah is a fine artist from Kuwait. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education and worked as a teacher in secondary schools. Fadeela says: “Art for me is a talent, and I developed it by studying, working and practicing”.
Fadeela is a member of:
The Kuwaiti Fine Arts Association
The Kuwaiti Pearls team
The Danish Art Land Foundation
Arab 22 for fine arts & Sky Art 195
She’s also the Head of the Kuwaiti delegation, the Golden Feather exhibitions in Jordan.
She participated in many exhibitions inside and outside Kuwait, both Arab and foreign. She also participated in art workshops inside and outside Kuwait, and she received many certificates of appreciation and several awards from local and international exhibitions.
Edited by: @feryalisshaq