Abrar Sultan’s participation in the Arabian Brush Exhibition in Moscow

Dr. Abrar Sami Sultan participated in the (Arabian Brush exhibition) in the (Future of Art Hall) in Moscow, Russia. Under the patronage of the Eurasian Union in Russia, and in cooperation with Arabs 22 for fine arts and electronic documentation.
She is a fine artist from Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. She is an amateur and has the passion for different types of arts, including: drawing, playing on an instrument, and writing. Abrar has never studied art before; but her beginning was an innate talent that developed after long hours of training and practice and with the encouragement of those around her.
Her works vary from the Impressionist school of influence that touches reality and reflects it on the world of imagination. Her work is characterized by random colour prints that play a role in highlighting its dimensions and the stories in which it is told in bright, harmonious colours that reflect the artist’s feelings at the time of work.
Edited by: @feryalisshaq