Diana Gazaryan’s inspiration between stones and paintings

Diana Gazaryan is an artist from Armenia, based in Bahrain for 23 years. She is a stone bracelet designer. She mostly works with fluid arts, but tends to experiment different techniques. She has been into art industry for 6 years & she enjoys it every single day! She’s a self-taught artist and learned fluid art by herself. To her, it is a whole new way of living her life full of colours.
How did you develop your skills in art?
I started using fluid art back in 2018, it was February. I came across one video, that showed how an artist pours paints on canvas and gets a very interesting painting. I was so inspired by the technique, that made me decide to try it myself!
When is your best time to produce an artwork?
Creation for me, is some kind of meditation. Sometimes, I wake up at 5:00 in the morning and head to my workshop, because I suddenly get an interesting idea, of what I can experiment early morning, a new technique, but most of the times, I create my art late at night, when everyone is asleep, where I have no distractions at all, so I can concentrate on my work!
How would you describe yourself as an artist? What’s your favourite style?
I like all the techniques, but most of all I like to watch how the colours spread on the canvas. For me, it’s like an open stream between earth, sky and ocean. This is the energy of the cosmos, these are the colours of fantasy.
Tell us about your participations in exhibitions.
My first exhibition was on 14th October 2021. It was an Environmental Art Exhibition in Dana Mall, Bahrain. It was breathtaking. I met some amazing artists from Bahrain, & from many different counties.
Do you have other hobbies?
Yes, I study and work with natural stones. It is happiness for me to create bracelets and jewelry from natural stones. I can talk a lot about stones, about the energy that we receive from the bowels of our earth. I have two levels of Reiki and I feel the strength of each mineral.

What are your dreams in art?
Follow what you feel, not what you think. Express your feelings, love, kindness and beauty. Choose fantasy colours that will bring warmth and comfort. These are the messages that people receive when they see my work.
How can people reach out to you?
They can contact me on:
Mobile number: +97339334481
Email address: [email protected]
Edited by: @feryalisshaq