Hanadi Salmeen’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Hanadi Salmeen is a fine artist from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based in Riyadh.
She holds a diploma in computer network maintenance and works as an independent artist in the field of fine arts and a tourist guidance in King Abdul Aziz National Museum in Riyadh. She gets inspiration from tourism attractions and traditional stories that are still alive.
Her art has been rooted since childhood and she has been practicing art and drawing portraits since 2015.
She was influenced by the artist Taha Al-Qarni from Egypt, also Salman Al-Amir from Saudi Arabia and a number of Western artists.
She developed her skills through continuous daily training for long hours and the use of many technical experiences until she found her own style, and she aspires to develop it. Her style leans to expressionism.
Hanadi joined many trainings courses, in addition to self-experiments in discovering raw materials and methods, and getting acquainted with the works of a number of experienced artists, whether from the West or the Arab world.
Her art is characterized by the use of oil colours, and her work is defined by the sense and style that lies in the work.
She participated in local exhibitions and aspires to participate in Arab and international exhibitions.
Hanadi is a member of Arab 22 for fine arts & Sky Art 195.
You can reach Hanadi on
Twitter: Artbyhanadi1
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