Raghda Skeik’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Raghda Skeik is a Palestinian American fine artist, based in Minnesota USA. Being born, raised, and living in three different continents, Raghda gets inspired by every aspect, place, time, and motion. Art in general takes her mind to places where she can ponder for hours. Raghda’s love of nature, living things, and traveling to distant lands are emphasized in her art. She’s a self-taught artist and a multi-language calligrapher with a Nursing degree title. She often chooses a message to convey in a painting before choosing the subject matter. However; Raghda would use divergent materials and techniques to create phases of progression throughout her work while preserving the main methodology. Seeking sophisticated details and depth, Raghda leans towards realism, even though she has represented abstract and impressionism as well.
As a believer, that art can bring people together, and be the gate towards unifying our differences, Raghda has a series that represents part of her identity to show the beauty of the common ground among religions. She has been exhibiting her work in the state of Minnesota since 2018 as well as in Wisconsin and Chicago. In March 2019, Raghda’s work was recognized, and she was granted the first place of the Author Award for her “Eternity” piece at Mirrored Mosaics Exhibition.
Currently, Raghda is working on her new portrait series _ The Survivors _ painting people’s stories to share the world.
She is proud to call herself a self-taught artist! She learns everyday with every art piece evolving her artistic skills to a higher level. Moreover, she is committed to passing on her knowledge to her students on a daily basis to help them thrive in their own way.
Raghda is a member of Arab 22 for fine arts & Sky Art 195.
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