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Ahmed Bin Ali Bin Saeed Al-Maamari is a visual artist from the Sultanate of Oman. He began his artistic path in 1987 at the age of eleven, influenced by his youngest aunt when he saw her drawing. He worked on refining his talent through personal learning, benefiting greatly from the Internet and attending art workshops online. His artistic career is based on experimentation, as he has a great passion for learning and searching for everything that is new and unfamiliar in art. He lost all his artworks, which was the result of many years of drawing, during the Sultanate’s exposure to Hurricane Junoa, but he started over and stronger than before, and although his beginnings were with the realistic school, he can express himself more through abstract art. What distinguishes his works recently is boldness, rebellious colours, and departure from the ordinary.
Ahmed organised and supervised many exhibitions, competitions and artistic events, held a number of personal exhibitions and joint exhibitions and participated in many exhibitions inside Oman and outside in Kuwait, Morocco, Bahrain, the Emirates and Egypt. He’s a trainer in the art of pouring acrylic, trainer in the field of epoxy resin art and owns an Art Store.
Ahmed is a member of the Omani Society for Fine Arts in Muscat, a member of the Youth Studio in Sohar Former artistic and cultural supervisor at Liwa Sports and Cultural Club, a former artistic supervisor at Saham Sports and Cultural Club and recently joined Arab 22 for fine arts & Sky Art 195.
You can reach Ahmed on
: ahmedalmamari.officiel
Tik Tok : ahmedalmamari.officiel
YouTube : Ahmed Al Mamari.officiel
Facebook‎ :  الكاتب العماني أحمد المعمري
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