Shurooq Al-Humaidani’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Shurooq Lafi Al-Humaidani is a fine artist from Saudi Arabia. She’s a full-time artist who has been practicing art since the social distancing which was the reason for discovering her talent. She practiced drawing continuously and developed her skills through the Internet. She leans to several schools of art, including realism, surrealism, fauvism and abstract.
Her work is characterized by precision, beautiful details, innovation, and unusual creativity.
Shurooq is a member of the Saudi Art Club, also a member of Arab 22 for Fine Arts & Sky Art 195.
You can reach Shurooq on
twitter:  shorouq2841
insta:  shorouq2841
TikTok: shorouq2841
Email: [email protected]
Edited by: @feryalisshaq