Maram Saleh’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Maram Saleh Al-Saadouni is a fine artist from the Sultanate of Oman.
Maram has been fond of drawing since her childhood. Her beginnings were in drawing anime and using Pencil colours.
With the passage of time, she started focusing and delving deeper into painting in 2019, by using pencils and acrylic colours and she developed her skills by watching YouTube videos of foreign artists.
Her focus is currently on using oil colours.
She has a great interest in attending art workshops and always up to date with all that is new in art.
Maram seeks to rise to higher levels, as she is very inclined to the art of hyper-realism, but she has not mastered it yet.
Her first breakthrough in the world of art exhibitions was through the Kharabeesh exhibition, which was held in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Social Media accounts:
Instagram: @itz.maram
Snap: @itz_meem
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