Areej Al-Fadel’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Areej Abdulla Al-Fadel is a fine artist from Saudi Arabia and lives in Riyadh. She holds a bachelor’s degree in learning difficulties from King Saud University, and she’s currently studying for an art therapy diploma.
She’s a full-time artist, and her interest in psychology and human emotions are reflected in her art. She leans to portrait painting and the school of impressionism.  She has been practicing art for a long time and she has recently decided to dedicate herself to the professional sector of fine arts. To achieve this, she attended workshops and acquired new skills, which have also helped her to expand her network.
One of her notable achievements was participating with Jotun in King Abdullah Financial District, as well as exhibiting in several other galleries.
Areej is also a member of the JSFT Association in Riyadh, and recently joined Arab 22 for fine arts & Sky Art 195.
You can reach Areej through:
Instagram: areej__gallery
Tik Tok: rouge_rouje
Edited by: @feryalisshaq