Ali Al-Washmi’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Ali Al-Washmi is a fine artist, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Qassim, head of the artistic activity for the education of the Qassim region, a theatrical decorator.
He started drawing from the elementary stage, where he participated in an exhibition and won the first place at the level of Riyadh, followed by the intermediate stage and won the second place at the regional level. From here, development began and a plan was drawn up for completion in the same field. He studied art at King Saud University, Department of Art Education.
He studied at the hands of the late Professor Saad Al-Obaid and Professor Abdullah Al-Salihi.
He leans to the abstract and the surreal schools and hopes in the future to merge the two schools.
Ali Al-Washmi is one of the founders of the Technical Club at King Saud University.
Ali participated in many art exhibitions:
– The first solo exhibition was in 2010 sponsored by King Saud University in Hayat Mall, Riyadh, under the name (Faces in Black and White).
– Followed by participation in internal and external exhibitions.
– He is one of the 100 artists from around the world to paint on the UAE Day in Dubai.
– Participations with Cairo University and Kuwait at the Red Crescent Exhibition.
He’s a member of:
–  JSFT.
– The Artistic Club of Princess Noura University.
– The Society for Culture and Arts.
– Arab 22 for Fine Arts & Sky Art 195.
You may contact the artist through:
Instagram: ali_alwashmi
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