Sabah Al-Assil’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Sabah Al-Assil is a Syrian-American fine artist, studied at the hands of the artist Zakaria Shriqi and Saad Yakan and was influenced by their art, as well as the art of the artist Fateh Al-Mudarres, Safwan Dakhul and others.
She loved everything related to all kinds of arts, such as sculpture and drawing, and developed her artistic skills by drawing for many years non-stop and with personal effort.
She is fascinated by modern art, Picasso style, and calligraphy, after trying different styles of oil, acrylic and 3D painting.
She participated in many local and international exhibitions:
– Solo exhibition in Aleppo at the Shahba Al-Sham Hotel in 2001. The exhibition featured nearly 100 works of art, including oil painting, glass painting, and sculpture
– Exhibition in Abu Dhabi at the US Embassy in 2015.
– Gallery at center 2454. Film production center in Abu Dhabi
– Several galleries in California with Art Association of Coronado.
– Exhibitions at the International Bridge Club in San Diego, California.
The channels of communication with Sabah are:
Instagram: @sabahalasilart
WhatsApp: 001773999663
Facebook: Sabah Alassil & Sabah Alassil Art
Tik Tok: Sabah Alassil
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