Hessa Naif’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Hessa Naif is an Interior Design Architect and Visual Artist, from Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.
She started in 2000 through a school drawing competition; and she won the first place. Her father has encouraged her ever since. After that, she got involved in art as a hobby.
She developed her skills in art through personal practice, and by the virtue of her specialization in the field of interior design, she has access to several magazines of art and visual feed.Hessa leans to Abstract style. Her artwork is inspired by the field of engineering in general and engineering maps in particular. As most of her current works are related to the region (Najd) and Saudi culture, in addition, many materials are used, such as wood, laser cutting, and handicrafts.
She participated in exhibitions in the region:
–  Misk Art Exhibition in Riyad
–  Exhibition in Abu Dhabi University, UAE
–  Design Day Exhibition, Riyadh
You can reach Hessa through:
Instagram: @hessa.naif.art
Email: [email protected]
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