Dr.Samira Al-Yaqoubi’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Samira Al-Yaqoubi is an artist from Sultanate of Oman. She holds a master’s degree in jewelry making and a PhD in Philosophy, Curriculum and Teaching. She started drawing when she majored in Art Education in 1992 at Sultan Qaboos University. She studied art with a number of fine artists, including: Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Ati – Dr. Mahmoud Sadiq – Dr. Ibrahim Nour – Dr. Karam Nimri.
Her art techniques developed by attending different workshops in fine arts, such as drawing, mixed media, printing, design and handicrafts in several countries, starting with Oman, then the United Kingdom, Russia, Jordan and Kuwait. She started with realism, then surrealism. Currently, she focuses on mixed media art and abstraction.
Samira participated in several local exhibitions, most of which were organized by the Omani Society for Fine Arts. She also held personal exhibitions, the most recent of which is an exhibition titled “Bastille Cities”. She participated in international exhibitions, including: The Arab Artists Exhibition in London, and also students’ exhibitions in London, Russia and Jordan.
Samira is a member of Arab 22 & Sky Art 195.
You can reach Samira on
insta :@samra39
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