Amna Al-Hosni’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery


Amna Hamed Nasser Al-Hosni is a fine artist from the Sultanate of Oman. Art has been a hobby since childhood. When Amna grew up, she held a BA in Fine Arts and became a visual arts teacher. She developed her skills by her teachers at school, and doesn’t forget the favour of Dr. Hussein Shaaban, her professor at college. She also developed her skills through practice and visual feed.
Amna’s main focus is landscapes, especially sunsets and three-dimensional graphics. Her art leans to half-abstract, digital in her own style.
She participated in several local and international exhibitions, such as the exhibition of (Artistic Dimensions) at the Cultural Club in Qurum.
And the exhibition (Features of Oman) at the Diplomatic Club in Muscat and the exhibition (We Meet for Art) in the UAE and the exhibition (ABJADIAT AND COLOR) at Muscat’s International Book Fair.
She also wrote several press interviews talking about art, such as the painting press interview (Dream, Imagination, and Colors), and she also presented art workshops on her own artistic style (half-abstract digital), and presented an educational initiative about her artistic style, entitled 01 Digital Art.
Amna is a member of Arab 22 & Sky Art 195.
You can reach Amna on
[email protected]
‏insta :@amna_hamed.24
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