Francesca Azzano: Artworks that show her love for nature

Francesca Azzano is an Italian artist, living in Qatar.
Art is very important for her, since she was a child; she remembers sweetly how she spent her time drawing manga’s characters and fashion clothes.
Now things have changed and nature is the main subject of her production.
She likes to get her hands dirty with colours, but now she tuned to digital art.
We approached the experience of Francesca Azzano to talk about her beginnings in art, where she launched herself into the world of Fine Arts. skyart195 had this interview with her:
How did you develop your skills in art?
Since childhood, I practiced drawing, basically with coloured pencils. I grew up taking part in various art workshops, trying different mediums, such as paper mâché, watercolours and acrylics.
I also love watching videos of artwork in progress process, presented by artists with different backgrounds. There is always something to learn, and new ideas can pop up in my mind!
What is your favourite medium?
When I discovered acrylic paint, it was love at first sight!
I love the process of starting from dark colours to lighter ones.
If you make a “mistake” you can follow the wave and use it, getting to a new idea better than the previous one, or fix it.
And I like vivid colours, and the feeling that acrylic colours can give.
I also like to work on mixed media art, adding details with coloured pencils.
Tell us about your discovery of digital art
Years ago, I discovered digital illustration; in the detail I tried the “Procreate” App, and I loved it!
I like the fact that I can bring easily with my tablet; because I have infinite brushes to use and the App is really intuitive.
I discovered a new modality to make art: painting when I travel, or outside home is not a problem now!
I created illustrations with my loved theme “nature”, and I started creating calendars and greeting cards with my subjects.
Tell us about your participations in exhibitions
In Italy, as in Qatar, I am part of some artistic groups; I can be constantly committed with exhibitions, art gatherings and new topics that challenge me!
In Italy I had my first solo exhibition, and then I participated in group exhibitions along my region, during the first part of my life, I was focused on drawing illustrations. With the collective art, we realised also some picture illustrated books.
When I arrived to Qatar, I immediately tried to get involved in the artistic life of the city, and here it’s very active!
In the second part of my life, I started to focus more on painting on canvas.
I am part of IAD (International artists of Doha), and with them and other local artistic groups, I have participated in some art exhibitions along the city, among which the QIAF (Qatar international art festival).
“Diversity” exhibition at Workinton-M7 Doha – 2022
Do you have other hobbies?
My other love is travel; my bucket list about places to visit is long, and living in Qatar is not helping, because here I can meet new people from all over the world. Every time I meet someone new, I want to visit all the places they talk about!
As I love nature, I like to visit places with interesting natural environments and watching documentaries about travel and nature.
What are your dreams in art?
I have some dreams related to art, but I don’t want to tell too much!
I believe, a dream comes true if you don’t tell it to everyone. You have to work hard to reach it! Also, fortune can give you one more chance!
All I can say is that what makes me really happy is when a person looks at my artworks with amazement, interest and curiosity, especially when I explain some art techniques or I show how to make a better painting.
How can people reach out to you?
They can follow my Instagram pages to be updated about my journey in art and my activities in Doha:
– Paintings: francesca_azzano_art
– Digital art:
If you need more info about my art or you want to ask a commission, you can send me a private message on instagram or send an email at [email protected].
Edited by: @feryalisshaq