Moona Mohammed: Create with the heart and build with the mind

Moona Mohammed, a daydreamer who aspires to do something in life and wants to leave a legacy behind, just like her name means in several languages, “a wish, and a guiding light or a desire.” Presently lives in Saudi Arabia, a nation with superior Islamic morality and a wealth of tradition. Born and nurtured primarily in India, a country that never ceases to enchant us with its stunning hues and culture. She holds a Master’s degree in business administration and always strives to follow her passion and pursue her life’s ambitions. She began her work as an artist and progressed in her career, she recognized that many artists lacked a platform to showcase their abilities, then therefore she launched the “Together in Art” initiative, bringing together a large number of talented artists. According to her, making art is therapeutic, a means to show people she cares, and a way to connect with the world. Her creative work gained attention and it was impossible without the support of her husband, family, and all the near and dear ones. She is always grateful for it. She has taken part in 21 art exhibitions, both solo, and group shows. In addition to curating 15 art exhibitions across several Saudi Arabian provinces. She is honored by and truly appreciative of the support to work on projects that have gained significant accreditation and recognition at prestigious platforms. She enjoys experimenting with her artistic talents, and she is now taking steps towards her goal of entrepreneurship, an exquisite and modest combination of fashion and art.
She wants to use her art to give the future generation a voice so they may stop defining their worth in relation to other people’s ideas. She intends herself to improve in order to continue advocating for mankind, young artists, and dreamers. She indeed feels grateful for having achieved most of her goals with the Grace of the Almighty.
Tell us about your participation in exhibitions.
Up to this point, I have organized and participated in 21 art exhibitions in Saudi Arabia. I was given the chance to exhibit my artwork in places like Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam on numerous platforms. I embrace the overarching goal of promoting the culture of art by helping artists who merit greater social respect as well. I am grateful for the innovative supporters who provided assistance throughout.
Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts, Consulate General of India General Entertainment Authority, The Ritz Carlton Jeddah, Lulu Hypermarket, InterContinental Jeddah, University of Business and Technology, Hilton, Jeddah
How do you stay motivated when working on a piece that’s challenging?
The idea of being focused is intriguing. It can help you complete a task you are working on, keep on track and meet a deadline, push you to achieve your targeted goals. I’ve never experienced pressure or a difficult task when working on something I truly enjoy. I have a studio at home where I can work anytime, I feel the need or the inspiration to do so, which speaks volumes about how much I love and care about what I do. Organization is also one of the important essentials to continue to be motivated. Your creative mind will remain active if you arrange your environment in accordance with your interests and passions. Throughout the process, whether it is from online research, experimentation, or the individuals I encounter, I have learned new things. Knowing more not only makes learning fun but also enables you to think more broadly. Typically, success is a journey rather than an event. Every step must be taken! You are capable of amazing things and possess more potential than you realize, but you must be persistent! The primary force behind the entire process is consistency. 2022 was a busy year indeed for me, organizing and curating a lot of events while also meeting a lot of people. Self-belief is a power we grant to ourselves; the most important thing is that I enjoy what I do.
Share with us your experience as an art curator?
As an art curator, I have an eye for many art forms and a passion for arranging the artworks in an exhibition space so as to spark curiosity, whether it is a small or huge venue. It is our duty as leaders to bring people together and explain the vision while still being able to stand in the midst of ambiguity and divergent viewpoints. Without the incredible artist personalities on our “Together in art” team, we would not have progressed this far. In order to create successful art exhibitions, it took not just me but also all of us. This was due to the artists’ tireless efforts, which took a lot of time and effort. Team work makes dream work.
What is your favorite art style?
I won’t state that I have a particular art style, although acrylic, resin, and textured materials make up the majority of my works. I try to avoid sticking to any single art style because I believe it prevents you from exploring other sides of art. However, the texture is one of my favorite art forms. I adore using my palette knives to create art, as they provide me the opportunity to pursue any subject, I choose without being constrained. Nevertheless, nature inspires me more.
What are your dreams in art?
I enjoy the freedom of being creative. I want to pursue a profession aspirating to be an entrepreneur, to introduce a combination of modest yet modern fashion and art where I don’t need to give up the creative part of me. The best investment we can make in our lives is to give back to the community in which we live. Never forget that being in the right place at the right moment with the right people is one of the keys to success. No dream is too big, if you have the confidence to pursue your dreams, just have faith in yourself. I would love to provide artists with opportunities and I want to lead workshops. I’m also looking forward to working as an art therapist in hospitals to assist people with depression and anxiety disorders. This will assist them in overcoming obstacles and regaining their confidence.
What do you think of art as a form of complementary therapy, self-care, or even healthy therapy?
A therapeutic approach centered on self-expression and creativity is called art therapy. The stress we are under, can be expressed through art therapy without always having to be verbalized; instead, it allows us to feel what we are feeling and let it out without having to use words. I had experienced a lot of ups and downs throughout the lock down period; therefore, I needed a way to recover. I started rewarding myself with something I had always enjoyed, art, and since I wanted to gather my thoughts and feelings and put them down that calmed my heart. Working on art is a way to improve one’s mood and uncover coping mechanisms. Art is also a very effective healing method in and of itself, by taking some time to play with colors, draw, or paint. One can improve his/her mood, the level of relaxation, the ability to reflect on their thoughts, and their ability to express themselves. I believe that art can be used as therapy because it has personally benefited me in many ways. I am also grateful to the Almighty for giving me the inner courage to continue pursuing my goals.
How do you empower yourself and the women around you?
It takes lots of courage when you dream about something to fulfill or accomplish it. I have set an example that women can work and achieve their goals or dreams by being modest, with their skills, talent, and ability or confidence. My ultimate gratitude to Allah Almighty for all the honors that I have and I am thankful to KSA for all that I am today, and I believe a woman should believe that she can do it. She has to believe in her ability, and in herself.
What are your hobbies apart from art?
After art, my favorite passion is photography. It can be incredibly satisfying, inspiring, and soothing. Every type of art has particular benefits. Even if you are an artist, photography is sure to teach you something new. It provides me with a creative outlet that can help in expressing and relaxing my inner feelings. I love capturing the beauty of nature and the moments live in a memory of a picture.
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