Dr. Hafsa Banu – Creating Masterpieces with Nails and Strings

Dr. Hafsa Banu is a dentist by profession and an ardent artist by soul, An Indian by nationality and a resident of Oman for more than 30 years.
A self-taught unique artist who experiments with different art mediums which stir her creative soul into innovation.
She has an artistic approach to everything in life, including the intricate tasks of her profession.
Her main genre is the Nail and String artwork, that  gives a 3 D effect which is quite intricate, unique and mesmerizes anyone who sees it with astonishment.
She has gained recognition locally and internationally and won many accolades for her art form through numerous events and exhibitions in UK, Canada, America, France, UAE, Oman and India.
We approached the experience of Dr. Hafsa Banu to talk about her beginnings in art, where she launched herself into the world of Fine Arts.  skyart195 had this interview with her:How did you develop your skills in art?
As a passionate artist, I have worked with a variety of mediums since a very young age, I came across this medium of nails and strings through an art project for my son at school, which was a basic geometrical design, it intrigued me further to research about this genre, I learned about its history dating back to 1900 s and how it is now being practiced worldwide.
I love innovating and from the past 5 years, I have been experimenting and refining my skills in this genre by incorporating different self learned techniques with mediums, textures and light and shadow improvising each artwork step by step. I still am innovating, and believe there is more to accomplish in this medium.

Nail and string portrait of Her Majesty Al Sayyida Ahad Bint Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Busaidiyah.
Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, nail and string artwork, presently at the Royal Diwan, Oman
Nail and string, portrait of “Bob Marley” American art award winner 2nd place, Pop art,
Nail and string artwork “Black Beauty” Special recognition award for, animal art exhibition – Light space time, Canada- May 2019
Nail and string art “I am Me”, International women’s day competition 2021, orthodontics, India
Nail and string artwork “A prayer- Mother Teresa”, 2021 American Art awards 6th place and the artist lounge UK 2021

When is your best time to produce an artwork?
It depends on the artist, they either rely on themes and events or create in their own pace.
I follow both, but I am constantly working on ideas and how I can produce the artwork differently which is unique. Every new work and idea of mine goes through a lot of planning from the start of the process to its execution and final masterpiece. Therefore, for me it’s different each and every time.
Tell us about your participations in exhibitions.
With grace of Allah, there have been many accolades and appreciation in the middle east and other parts of the world.
-Special recognition award for artwork “Black Beauty”, Animal art exhibition – Light space time, Canada- May 2019.
-2nd place winner for artwork Bob Marley, pop art category, at THE AMERICAN ART AWARDS 2020, juried by 25 of America’s most famous galleries and museums – September 2020.
-5 selected art entries at the Gallery Cambass Museo-Art New York, USA in association with Art4ugallery UAE, November 2020.
-Semifinalists’ online exhibition, The Artist lounge UK, June 2021.
-Featured in the Art and Artisans book for 100 artists in the middle east, August 2021, UAE.
-The 6th place winner in the American Art Awards for artwork Mother Teresa, a prayer, September 2021.
-Breaking the bias, a unique artwork representation for International women’s day, Oman, March 2022.
-Certificate of excellence award, Artist of the month by circle foundation of arts, France, June 2022.
-Winner of honorable mention award by Museum of Americas, UAE and Museum of Americas collaboration, October 2022.
-Numerous exhibitions in Oman and UAE, One of the greatest achievements has also been my artworks reaching the Royal diwan, Oman.
What is your favourite style?
My main genre is Nails and strings and any medium incorporating it.
With this medium, I create intricate artworks in calligraphy, portraits, nature, landscapes and monuments.
With tiny scores of nails on wood and strings attached to them in varied patterns gives a 3-dimensional effect to the artwork which is quite unique.
I also like sculpture, installations and working with wood and resin.
Do you have other hobbies?
I am a full-time practicing dentist, so apart from my passion for art, I love architecture and designing, listening to music and creative activities with my kids.
What are your dreams in art?
I look forward to reach out internationally to many more countries with my art and techniques thereby I dream to bridge the gap between craft and fine arts.
Alhamdulillah, I have been able to accomplish a lot in a small span and looking forward to achieve more and reach out to more people.
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    How can people reach out to you?
    You can reach out to me through the following links:
    FB: @Mygallery27
    Instagram: @mygallery_27
    Website: www.mygallery27.com
    Email: [email protected]
    Edited by: @feryalisshaq