Cagla Akpinar as known as Wicked Rose is a young, multidisciplinary freelance artist and art instructor based in Bahrain. She held a bachelor’s degree from one of the top-rank universities in Turkey – Bilkent University Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture where she studied with full scholarship. She has been involved in different branches of art since her childhood, however, she would like to paint and draw figures and portraits with mixed techniques to explore more and question the cause, effect, and process relation. Creating her artworks with mixed mediums and using continuously the transition of colors; her art is primarily dynamic, vibrant, and open for spontaneity with semi-realistic, surreal, and pop art touches. Being also known as a muralist; Cagla gained many accomplishments both domestically and abroad and she is still developing herself in the field of visual arts and NFT art projects.
How did you develop your skills in art?
I have been interested in art since my childhood. That’s been said, I have been practicing my art for quite a long time. My mom told me she saw me painting all around the walls with crayons when I was two and she did not interrupt thinking that I might become an artist, which happened! Basically, I grew up with art, therefore, I decided to study art at university to become a professional in my area. During all those periods, I did not only practice but also learned the theoretical part of art; I read, searched, explored, and tried new approaches to develop my skills in art.
When is your best time to produce an artwork?
Unless it is a commercial art or commission piece that does not require a schedule from me; I enjoy working during the day time, because I like to catch the natural light, it gives me a more comfortable atmosphere to create and focus. Rarely, depending on the intensity of the subject, I do like to paint at late night.
How would you describe yourself as an artist (what’s your style)?
When I was an art student, I had a chance to show my artistic endeavor with so many branches such as sculpting, printmaking, illustration, ceramics, performance art, installation, and digital media even though I always feel more comfortable expressing myself through painting and drawing. Meanwhile, I explored my talent in mural art – what I mean is to be able to paint and control the big scales artwork in a short period – then I realized that I do not have only one method to create. When I was about to graduate and continue my art career as an emerging artist, I decided to have a “multidisciplinary artist” as a title to give an idea about myself and my art to audiences, followers, and clients.
To talk about my style, I do not have stable and repeating techniques and styles; my artworks can show so many varieties, but my main subject is always portraits and figure painting/ drawing to question the cause, effect, and process relations. I like to mix styles and techniques – let’s say maybe I approach my works metaphorically like collage art. For instance. You can see my artworks as semi-realistic, partly surreal, unexpectedly explicit, and illustrative with striking colors, shapes, and symbols. Sometimes I write on my artwork since I do like to be provocative and didactic with my art.
What do you hope to achieve from your art?
I believe that raising a good generation or being an inspiration to someone who needs it is one of the most crucial points to solve gender-culture-religion-related problems and open the minds from the darkness. Therefore, I like to teach art to leave a mark on children, teenagers, and even adults throughout my art and myself. I don’t have to do something big – art brings people together, it allows you to open your mind, and your heart, and lets you be yourself in the moment. This creative process allows people to observe, compare and judge. In those moments, I always hope to be a good role model to sparkle in their mind and heart. I want to transform my art to reach out to people as more than just visuals. My talent is a huge channel that I utilize to take action and change. Where my art is not enough to speak, as an artist I draw a self-image about myself to find the middle ways in so many conditions. Correspondingly, I hope to achieve my master’s degree in the future since I want to be an academician alongside being an artist to raise awareness in society about how to cultivate yourself to understand you are not here just to satisfy people’s expectations – I want them to accept and respect the differences. I want my art to create a voice for the new generation that stops defining their value with others’ idea. That is why I hope to become my best version and keep fighting for dreamers, young artists, and humanity.
Why do you call your art journey has no destination, what are you working on right now?
There are some moments of an artist is just so personal that has no room for anyone. It is a pure solitude; very untouchable and magical. I believe I had that “pure me” moment a couple of years ago. Realizing that I could not be able to in that mood for a very long time because I found myself in a completely new journey in my art practice that directed me to go with the flow and try new things which helped me to grow more. There was a couple of initiation to feel that solitude, but I had so many other distractions mentally and spiritually. Now, the journey let me experience myself again, time to bloom more as me in my world. That is why I called my art journey has no destination; I don’t settle metaphorically and contextually. Since I got that magical me moment, currently I am working on my new art series and I am so excited to share them with the world in future.
Edited by: @feryalisshaq