Mariam Al-Mulla’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Mariam Ahmed Al-Mulla is a fine artist from Qatar, who holds a certified trainer certificate.
The works of the artist are taught in the Qatari curricula.
What distinguishes her work is the interest in heritage and family issues and the transformation of realism into cubism. Her goal is to highlight the Qatari heritage in a modern style to the world.
Mariam’s works are inspired by contemporary art and the authentic Qatari heritage, and this is evident in the distribution of figures, space, colour, movements, masses, compositions, and everything that leads to harmonious works of art, which attract the audience of recipients, with remarkable interaction with them.
She saves beautiful and rare snapshots, such as old photographs that carry a meaningful message, and redesigns them in a beautiful eye-catching manner, and the question “What does this work express?” pops up, therefore, the beautiful heritage, beliefs, customs and traditions reach the world.
Mariam participated in local and international exhibitions, and held two solo exhibitions.
She’s a member of the International Art Association and a member of the Qatar Art Association. 
You can reach the artist through:
Instagram: @m_almulla555
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