Souzan Abou Assi’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Souzan Abou Assi is a Syrian fine artist based in Qatar. She studied fine arts at Damascus University, majoring in engraving and printing as a continuation of her talent, which has appeared remarkably since her childhood. Along with her work and passion for art, she works as a teacher of visual arts.
According to Souzan, “Art is everything and beauty is everywhere. Art is always the thing that is most in line with my soul, and the most enjoyable time for me. Painting times are wonderful times when you experience moments that feel as if you have separated from the known world and entered your own world, integrated to the fullest extent in the world. The love of this thing is driven by passion and driven by a lot of emotions, ideas and creativity”.
The classical school attracts her interest in particular, in addition to many artworks from different art schools, as she believes that art is not limited to one style or school without the other.
Souzan works on developing her own distinctive style of drawing lines to show the painting and communicate the meaning with suggestions between lines and colours without resorting to realism directly. Her work also features realism, pointillism, wood burning, and so on.
She is a member of the Qatar Society for Fine Arts and other artistic groups.
Souzan participated in art exhibitions between Syria, Qatar, Egypt and Britain.
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