Wafaa Nasser’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Wafaa Nasser is a fine artist from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She’s an Arts and crafts teacher for autistic children.
Wafaa says: “Art is a means of non-verbal communication, to express what cannot be expressed in words”.
She started drawing from a young age and developed her skills through daily practices, practical visual training, and training courses, until she obtained the Art Therapy Practitioner Certificate.
She visited more than 20 countries to spend time in islands, forests, mountains and under the stars, so her art is dominated by nature mixed with surrealism.
Wafaa decided to share her works and participate in art galleries, because she used to receive commissioned orders from friends and relatives, for customized artwork.
She participated in local group exhibitions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
You can reach Wafa through:
Email: [email protected]
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