Anwaar Al-Jahwari’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Anwaar Al-Jahwari is a promising amateur artist with a passion for visual arts and graphic design from the Sultanate of Oman.
She started her hobby of drawing from a young age. At the age of ten, she used to draw everything she saw, the nature around her from palm trees and old houses. Her teacher discovered her talent and supported her greatly and set up an exhibition for her artwork. She continued her passion for art until she reached the university level and increased her practice of art. She loves to try everything related to art, and she loves to draw nature and old houses and transfer them in her artistic style.
She practices live painting continuously in nature, accompanied by her colours and a sketchbook. She paints with different mediums (oil, pastel, acrylic, as well as digital illustration).
She has many participations inside and outside the Sultanate in art exhibitions, most notably her winning the first place in the SADA Award (Jordan 2020), as well as her participation in the Pixel Art exhibition at the Culture and Arts Association in Dammam 2021. She also participated in the Saudi-based awareness award for design, and was qualified for it in 2022.
Anwar joined Arab 22 for Fine Arts and Sky Art 195 recently.
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