Heba Al-Abdwaniyah’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Dr. Heba Bint Ali Al-Abdwaniyah, is an artist from Sultanate of Oman/Muscat. Art has been a hobby that she enjoyed since childhood. When she grew up, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in the field of oral and dental medicine, and completed her postgraduate studies. She has a fellowship membership in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and an Italian fellowship in cosmetic fillings from the University of Genoa in Italy. Now, she continues to practice her hobby as a fine artist.
Heba developed her skills through practice and visual feed. Her main focus is landscapes, and now she leans to abstract art, surrealism and mixed media as modern art.
Her art is characterized by a kind of ambiguity, and she tries as much as she can to carry a positive message to her society through the idea of fine arts.
She participated in many local group exhibitions. She’s a member of Arab 22 & Sky Art 195.
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