Diana’s artworks give vibrations of positivity and energy

Diana Shaykhutdinova (Di_Shaykh) is Russian based in UAE. A visual artist specialised in contemporary, abstract and action works.
After Art and Music schools’ graduations, Diana has been traveling and living in different countries. Extensive travel and interactions with various cultures continues to influence her work with strong reference to the elements, and she insists on continuing to explore different themes and directions.
Diana works mainly in oil and acrylic colour to pictorially depict images and thoughts that have touched her. She finds her artistic inspiration in the ordinary and turns to the canvas when she wants to share a strong emotional response to a personal experience.
Diana’s paintings have been successfully represented on various international exhibitions and they are generated from the vibration of her positive personality and energy, which she wishes to pass on to the masses through her canvases.

How did you develop your skills in art?
Art was in the family from childhood – my father has a natural talent, my mother is an artist, and my brother is a singer. I started painting on the covers of books, walls, newspapers, but professionally I picked up the paint brush at the age of 10, once I joined the art school. Art came to occupy a central role in my life. I was always attending school contests, exhibitions, and master classes.

When is your best time to produce an artwork?
I like to spend time in my studio alone with music, day or night time once I feel inspired with some strong ideas or imagination on my mind.
Tell us about your participations in exhibitions.
– Exhibition of paintings and graphics “Gallery of Russian Art”, Kazan, Russia
– The exhibition dedicated to the 130th  anniversary of G. Tukai “The people of Tukai”, Tatar State Academic Theater G. Kamala, Kazan, Russia
– Exhibition of portraits “My Contemporaries”, Children’s Art School No. 3 them. B.M. Almenova, Kazan, Russia
– Exhibition “Servants of Art”, Tatar State Academic Theater G. Kamala, Kazan, Russia
– International exhibition “Art Forum in Nur Sultan”, Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan
– International exhibition “Union of Artists of Russia”, Hehe, China
– Interregional exchange exhibitions “Artists of Tatarstan at south of the Volga region”, Astrakhan, Elista, Volgograd, Russia
– International Exhibition on Modern art. Painting and graphics, Kazan, Russia
– Art from all over the world, Moscow, Russia
– Curtin Dubai Urban Art Fest, Dubai, UAE
– Ibtikar Virtual exhibition for photo and paintings, Dubai, UAE
–        Solo exhibition, Time Oak Hotel, Dubai, UAE
–        Al-Futtaim art exhibition «Flight to innovation», Dubai, UAE
–        «Arts and Handcrafts» online exhibition, Zenith Group, Dubai, UAE
–        Exhibition «Rang», Novotel World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE
–        Exhibition: «Psychedelic Surrealism» as part of Al Quoz Arts Festival, RAW Coffee Company, Dubai, UAE
–        Exhibition: «Diversity», RAW Coffee Company, Dubai, UAE
–        Online exhibition «Immemory»
–        Art curator in Exhibition «Raw emotions on canvas» with 4get-me-not society, RAW Coffee Company, Dubai, UAE
–        Exhibition «International Women’s day», ArtsCraft Gallery, Dubai, UAE
–        Ramadan Art Exhibition, Sahra Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE
–        Exhibition: «Peace», RAW Coffee Company, Dubai, UAE
–        Exhibition: «New beginning», RAW Coffee Company, Dubai, UAE
–        Art curator, 4-getmenot organization, Dubai, UAE
–        Art battle exhibition, World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE (2nd place)
–        Exhibition «Love of Our Nation», Gallery 76, Dubai International Art Center, Dubai, UAE
–        Online Virtual Exhibition «Love of Our Nation», Artezaar.com
–        Exhibition «Al Wahda Mall Art competition», Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE (finalist)
–        Exhibition «51st Spirit of the Union», International Studio of Art and Galleries, Dubai, UAE
–        Exhibition: «Psychedelic/Surrealism» as part of Al Quoz Arts Festival, RAW Coffee Company, Dubai, UAE

What is your favourite style?
I have been traveling and living in different countries – Singapore,  Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, South Korea, and United Arab Emirates. I discovered marvellous artists, different styles of paintings, and all this allowed me to observe a very colourful world!
The main theme of my works: There is beauty in every single line: Be it the lines of autumn foliage reflected on the lake, the line of movement of a dance in the desert, the line of a galloping horse or the line of the human body.
Painting has always taught me to look deeper, to observe the small details that can often be missed. My aim is to capture a moment and convey emotion using colours, shapes and marks that invite the audience to take a closer look.

Do you have other hobbies?
I’m into art 100%: painting and playing the piano and guitar, singing with a band and choir and create accessories.
But at the same time, I love nature, animals, attending events and travelling, which are inspiring for new art ideas.

What are your dreams in art?
I truly believe in my art and would like to share it as much as I can with the world. I dream to have my own bright studio and create art pieces which will be recognized, get attention and become well known in different countries. I would like to achieve that level of success, which will make a comfortable living as an artist while I travel around this beautiful inspiring world.

You can reach Diana Shaykhutdinova on
Phone: +971557754635
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @paintings.art.dubai.uae
Facebook: paintings/art-dubai.uae
Edited by: @feryalisshaq