Sundus Al Bader’s profile on Sky Art

Sundus Al Bader is a social entrepreneur, founder of the ‘Revive the Arab Art and Heritage’ Initiative, and a Public Relations Advisor to various private sector companies in Kuwait and the US-Kuwait Alumni Association (USKAA).

Sundus began her professional journey in 1993 at the Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) where she studied business administration at the KPC Training Centre. The first step of her career ladder was at the Human Resources Department in the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Centre (KUFPEC). Given her outstanding communication and people skills, she was transferred to the Public Relations Department.
In 2012, Sundus started her entrepreneurial journey where she organized numerous exhibitions in Kuwait including the famous ‘Zwara Awal’ in 2015 at the Sadu House. The exhibition was known for hosting big brands and names including distinguished fashion designers, furniture, and art pieces. Her second exhibition, Al Murabbaniyah, was held in 2019. A unique exhibition of its kind that merged the modern lines of fashion along with traditional handicraft. The exhibition opened a new space for integrating the past , present, and future lines of fashion in a unified space. In 2015, Sundus was selected by the US State Department to join the cultural exchange program of the US Embassy in Kuwait to represent her state due to her successful efforts in using her public relations and communication skills to bridge the cultural gap between aspiring artists, and crafts-women.
Fostering her PR work in the region, Sunuds promotes amateur Arab artists, designers, and products through her social media platform (aka @sundus_albader). Her Instagram account is rapidly growing and reaching thousands of followers as it became a positive digital space that connects the public audience with the Arab art and culture scene. The platform also provides a free space for start-ups to reveal their creativity and showcase their work to the global audience through her social initiative, Revive the Arab Heritage and Culture. Aiming to showcase the hidden creative talents in the Middle East, Sundus founded a PR Boutique that supports businesses and non-profits working in the art and culture field. Her boutique works with a diverse group of clients including art and fashion incubators, start-ups, amateur artists and designers as well as well-renowned and prominent Arab brands, designers, contemporary artists, and museums. Sundus worked with well-known figures and businesses in Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, and Egypt.In addition to her work, Sundus has a passion towards humanitarian causes related to women health and the differently abled community. In Kuwait, she collaborated with Al-Sedra Kuwait to support women diagnosed with breast cancer and Center 21 and Kuwait Autism Center to empower the differently abled in Kuwait.
Edited by: @feryalisshaq