Sameh Malak’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Sameh Malak Ibrahim Bakhit is a young Egyptian artist. A graduate of Electronic Commerce Systems in Sohag.
His field of work is training on journalistic drawing and art director for Al-Ahram newspaper and Aladdin magazine _ Nisf Al-Dunya magazine _ Rose Al-Youssef Sabah Al-Khair magazine.
He participated in the Festival of Sustainability of a Homeland Week for Culture, Science and Arts, Arab Vision Exhibition _ Harmony Exhibition in the hall of the Third International Al-Ahram Winter Salon
His main interest is painting with oil colours _ lead _ charcoal _ pastel _ water colors _ mosaics _ portraits and realistic art.
His ambition is to develop his skills in art, and to convey and express his love for his country and its beauty.
You can contact Sameh on:
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