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Tagreed Saleh Altassan
Fine artist, Studying Business Administration – Human Resources at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah. She did not study art, but it was her instinctive inner acquisition since she was seven years old.
Tagreed writes scripts and short stories at the end of each artwork. She draws portraits and leans towards realism. She doesn’t belong to any school other than the school of life, as this is her opinion, the mother of all the schools that we pass through our destination and our artistic path. It is a central panel that includes panels of different colors, multiple shapes, and full of stories.
And if you search for where Tagreed is located, you will find her in all corners of that painting, from the beginning of realism until it reaches modern painting (pop art) using innovative and amazing materials.
As for the type of materials that she work with, they are the natural colours taken from fruits, vegetables, original saffron, and grains. She can manufacture it and extract the colours in many ways and methods to be suitable for drawing.
Oil colours have been added to her art blog, and the paintings have captured the hearts of artists and art lovers
Lastly, she participated in many local and international exhibitions.

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