Maha Ghazal: Drawing is the sail that leads me to beautiful worlds

Maha Ghazal is a visual artist, a graduate of the faculty of art education.  She holds a diploma in psychology of Arts and a master’s degree in media science. She participated in many exhibitions, events and some of the special exhibitions, among these exhibitions and competitions: Dedicating her painting (panorama of the king’s achievements) to His Majesty, King Hamad Bin Issa Al-Khalifa, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Bahraini National Action Charter, the exhibition of cultural, artistic and heritage creations in Jeddah, the festival of visual arts ” Together there are no limits to creativity” in 2020, celebrations on the occasion of the Saudi national day 2022. She received many certificates of honors, including the Certificate of Excellence for designing a leather panel and winning the first place at the level of Bahrain. Also the Shield of excellence at the Sculpture Symposium On the sand for a horse sculpture with international artist Sudarshan. We approached the experience of the artist Maha Ghazal to talk about her artistic beginnings, from which she launched herself into the world of Fine Art. So arab22 had this conversation with her:
How does the artist Maha Ghazal present herself to the reader?
Maha Ghazal, holds a bachelor’s degree in art education and a master’s degree in media science, a member of the Fine Arts syndicate in Egypt, a member of the Bahrain Fine Arts Association, a member of the Bee Art Group, a member of the Bahraini artist’s feather Group, a member of interaction art Bahrain, a member of the Gulf painters Group, a member of the Arab 22 Encyclopedia of Fine Arts, I work as head of the art department and head of the environment committee at Iman schools in the kingdom of Bahrain.
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Since when did the talent for drawing begin to show its features in you And who discovered these tendencies?
From the beginning of childhood I was drawing and coloring, and my talent was discovered by all members of my family, especially my uncle, may God have mercy on him, he was an interior designer and noticed my love and passion for colors, and my mother was also interested and creative in handicrafts and painting on glass, as I was involved in these works from a young age.
Since childhood and my thoughts incite me to touch things in a sensual rather than physical way, one of my hobbies has been staring, immersing myself in the reality of the features that the eyes translate in all their forms, and in different ways of expression. When I was little, the colors amazed me, and the moments of meditation sometimes lasted for days, so the idea kept pressing on me until I could achieve it with color and feather.
I remember the first portrait I drew in pencil was of my father, God bless his soul, I was drawing on everything; my textbook, the wall of my room, my thoughts and my talent always incited me to touch things in a sensual, non-material way.
The passion began to turn into diligence in order to improve my talent, hone it in the right way, and I have always considered painting as the sail that will lead me towards beautiful worlds, and to the life I dream of living in the future. I entered the Faculty of art education and my desire was the Faculty of Fine Arts.
What subjects do you like to express during drawing Is there a color that tempts you or are they Composite colors?
I live a state of happiness and euphoria every time I try to simulate colors in nature, or expressions drawn on faces, and I can project my passion and love for painting on any surface, either paper, wood or leather. The themes that I like to express by drawing the marine environment as well as nature, which include boats, the sea, the wind, horses, “My adoration and passion” and silent nature, and my paintings express my realistic vision to extract the true essence of colors, but I use color metaphor in the backgrounds of my paintings, as if they don’t match reality, as well as I have a passion for with modern art, a love of experimentation and the use of many unique innovative techniques in my artwork.
What material do you prefer to paint on?
I love Fine Art in all its branches, especially painting and sculpture, and I paint on many surfaces, wood and leather, and use the burning technique on them, and also coloring with exotic materials, as well as all kinds of paper, glass ceramics and others, colors, feather and any surface on which I draw close friends of mine.
Did you encounter obstacles or difficulties at the beginning of your start in this art?
I faced many challenges, difficulties and obstacles. The most important of which is the difficulty of full-time painting talent with my daily work, the work is necessary and those around have no awareness of the importance of my profession as an art teacher and visual artist, the difficulty of exhibiting my works in a private exhibition as well as procedures, the large number of art collections at the local, regional and international levels. And I aspire that my works be known to the whole world. The biggest difficulty I face is the implementation of my goal and my artistic vision, which I dream of benefiting everyone, talented and untalented, due to the large number of permits and procedures.
What are the prizes closest to your heart?
One of the closest awards for me was the Shield of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of the king of the kingdom, for winning second place in the wood furniture design competition (recycling) at the Bahrain International Garden Club competition.
Which schools influenced Maha Ghazal in her artistic career?
I was influenced by the French artist Delacroix and his influence on the Romantic school, as well as (Van Gogh) and the influential, and both for me were interested in showing the colors and expressions of the elements they expressed. From Arab artists the Egyptian artist and sculptor (Salah Abdel Karim) and I was influenced by his works of sculpture, ceramics, decorative design and painting, since I enrolled in art college, as well as I hope to work with him on future projects.
Participated in many art exhibitions, tell us about the most important of these participations?
I participated in several local, regional and international exhibitions and received many awards and certificates of appreciation, the most important of which are:
– Exhibition of cultural, artistic and heritage creations in Jeddah.
– The festival of art in the service of society in 2002.
– Kingdom of goodness contest.
– Bahrain International Garden exhibition with tree wood recycling competition …second place shield in 2006.
– Gallery together we build a homeland.
– Fine arts festival “together there are no limits to creativity ” in 2020.
– Certificate of Excellence for the design of a skin burning panel and winning the first place at the level of art education teachers in the kingdom of Bahrain schools.
– The Sculpture Symposium is made of wood with the able artist Fouad Bin Falah.
– A Sand Sculpture Symposium and a distinctive horse sculpture shield with international artist Souder Shan.
– My participation with the colors of the East team with The “enough for you” artistic initiative in a huge mural dedicated to the heroes of the Bahrain team in the activities of the Bahraini national day at the Bolivard in Dilmunia complex ..Year 2021.
– My participation in an exhibition of an influential painting “inspired by a book ” at the Bahrain National Museum with the all we read Association.
– My participation in the monthly virtual art corners exhibitions.
– My participation in the Fine arts exhibition for teachers and winning the first place.
Is there a certain atmosphere that an artist and painter must find for himself to be able to draw?
Sometimes I like solitude while painting, especially at the beach, and other times I like painting among my friends and family, which gives me different feelings that appear in the details of the painting.
What is your hobby other than painting?
Decoration, and this prompted me to take several courses in interior design and I have some good attempts that were praised by my acquaintances and friends whom I helped in the formation of their homes, as well as I like sculpture and holographic molding from recycling materials.
What are your future projects?
I am now preparing to produce a coloring book for adults, I found that coloring books are only for children, so I decided to make a book called “dirty” in an innovative way that attracts young and matured people and will be put on the market when it is finished.
What are your ambitions as an artist and painter?
I wish to establish an accredited academic school that includes the fields of Fine Art.