Sultan Al-Suwaidi’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Sultan Al-Suwaidi is a fine artist and a calligrapher from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
He discovered his talent of drawing and calligraphy from childhood, then his skills developed with school stages, and the actual start was in the university, 18 years ago.
Since he’s a calligrapher and a painter, he established his own style from Letterings. He worked on developing crafts through formation, abstraction, and the rest of the art schools, until he took his own path and style (letter abstraction, or Hurufiyat).
He participated in many exhibitions, forums, workshops and art events, both locally and abroad.
He has many acquisitions from government agencies, institutions and companies, men and business women, and many separate personal possessions.
He won many awards in the fields of drawing and Arabic calligraphy.
He’s a member of several art groups, locally and in the Arab world.
He’s also a member of Arab 22 & Sky Art 195.
You can reach Sultan on
insta: @sultan_9870
Facebook: sultan.afa
[email protected]
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