Sarah Al-Afisan’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Sarah Al-Afisan is an artist from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has been a fan of colour and brushes since childhood, and she found herself on this beautiful path one day, when she actually started in 2018.
She’s still learning and benefiting, because art has no end. Sarah developed her skills through training courses, attending art workshops, meeting with senior artists and benefiting from their long-standing experiences.
Sarah doesn’t belong to any school of art, although she leans towards impressionism and abstraction.
She’s also distinguished by adding Mixed Media to her art.
She participated in many exhibitions, most notably her participation with the Culture and Arts Association in the Eastern Province, the Sustainability Week Festival for Culture, Science and Arts (Cairo) 2022.
Sarah is a member of Arab 22 for fine art & Sky Art 195.
Edited by: @feryalisshaq