Artists’ Profiles Online Gallery on Sky Art 195

Salwa Abdulaziz Al-Shubaily is an artist from KSA.Her work ranges from recycling to decoupage art, mixed media, collage, drawing old buildings, and Hijazi Rawashin.
Salwa Al-Shubaily participated in several exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey.
She is a Homeland Artists Member, also a member of Arab 22 for Fine Arts.
Her personal philosophy is “Art is a way of life, and a way to express and vent our feelings (love or anger)”.

Fawzia Musa is a fine artist from Saudi Arabia. She loves all kinds of arts. She has completed several courses to improve her art. She creates models and traditional doors.
She participated in many exhibitions, including: Feather of an Artist Exhibition, The First Rassam Project Exhibition, Watani Al Habib Exhibition, and Golden Fingers Exhibition.
A member of Arab 22 for fine arts.
Her personal philosophy is “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the euphoria of creative effort.”

Majdoline Tayeb is a Saudi artist who loves all kinds of arts and has a passion for learning all kinds of new arts. She is innovative and adds new ones to her skills. She’s a craft trainer.
Participated in several artistic events related to student activity (artistic and
Participated in several workshops organised by the Ministry of Education.
A member of Arab 22 for fine arts.