Zahraa Al-Ahmad’s profile on Sky Art’s online gallery

Zahraa Al-Ahmad is a Bahraini artist, the owner of  Zahra Artist store, which opened in 2020. She holds a BA in Art Education from the University of Bahrain. She has 11 years of experience in teaching art education. She’s  also an Administrative member of the Youth Forum Association. She participated in many volunteered art workshops.
Her style in art is classic, realistic, and very accurate for portraiture, as she likes to highlight the fine details in the face, because it gives her a challenge to finish the work and feels proud of its accuracy.
She became famous in Bahrain for painting portraits on wood.
Her ambition is still great, and there are many goals she seeks, the first of which is to reach her art on a large scale, not only in Bahrain.
You can reach Zahraa on
[email protected]
+973 36555212